Privilège Catamarans were launched back in the eighties by Philippe Jeantot (twice world champion in single-handed sailing and founder of the Vendee Globe) and René Bernard through the Jeantot Marine Shipyard in Les Sables d’Olonne.

privilege catamarans
Shown is the Privilège Signature 580, Signature 510 and Series 640

In 1996, the shipyard was sold to a new owner (La Groupe SGGR) and was renamed Alliaura Marine.

Privilege Marine Shipyard, controlled by Gilles Wagner became the new owners from 2012 until Hanse Yachts bought the Privilege brand, moulds and shipyard in 2017. In 2022, Hanse announced that they would be selling their shareholding.

Hanse have launched 3 designs: the Signature 510, the Signature 580 and the Signature 650. They continue to build the Series 740 (the flagship) from Privilege Marine days.

Marc Lombard got involved with the brand back in 1987 and has been heavily involved with the designs since that time.

Privilege are famous for producing high quality cruising catamarans: the focus is on quality rather than quantity. One of the key design features over the years has been the large owner’s suite located into the forward nacelle. As well as creating more living space, this structure provides buoyancy in heavy seas and stiffness to the whole structure. These strong cats ae known for their stability and seaworthiness.

The build quality and finishing of a Privilege is a step above the competition, and this is reflected in their strong resale values.

The History of Privilege: a Timeline

1985: Phillipe Jeantot starts Jeantot Marine, the Privilege 47 is launched
1987: Privilege 48
1988: Privilege 39 Launches
1992: Launch of the Privilege 482
1994: Privilege 51
1995: Launch of Privilege 37, 42
1995-6: Privilège 45 and 42 awarded ‘Boat of the Year’ in the US.
1996: the yard and brand was sold to Alliaura Marine.
1998: Privilege 465
1999: Privilege 435
2002: Privilege 585
2004: Privilege 395, 445, 495. The Privilège 745 flagship launches.
2007: Privilege 615, 515
2012: Gilles Wagner buys the brand and runs it as Privilège Marine
2016: Privilege 640, 740
2017: HanseYachts AG became the major shareholders
2020 Privilege Signature 510, 580 Launched
2022 Privilège Signature 650 announced.
2022 HanseYachts announce they will be selling their shareholding

Privilege 47 (1985)
The first Privilege, the 47, was launched in 1985 by Jeantot Marine.

Privilege 48 (1987)
The Privilege 48, launched in 1987, is similar to the Privilege 47 which it replaced.

As was the trend in those days, she had a pretty low bridgedeck.

Privilege 39 (1988)
Also called the Privilege 12, and the Alliaura 39

Privilege 482 (1992)
The designs start to look sleeker with the 482 which remains a popular model on the second hand market.

Privilege 51 (1994)
The 51 was hailed the ‘queen of luxury catamarans’ when it launched. One of the best looking Privilege designs in our opinion.

Privilege 37 (1995)

11 years of production and more than 50 units sold.

Privilege 42 (1995)Photo Credit: Theo Bit

Winner in the Cruising Multihull class of the Cruising World Boat Of The Year awards for 1996. Each hull has a forward watertight collision compartment with foam flotation and foam-filled crash bulkheads

Privilege 45 (1995)Photo credit:

Very stable, well built catamaran.

Privilege 465 (1998)Privilege 465

This Privilege 465 was designed by Marc Lombard and built at Sable d’Orlonne by Alliaura Marine who set new standards with this luxury cruising catamaran.
Elevated helm station is on the port side with easy access to lines and winches.

Privilege 435 (1999)
The 435 remains heavily sought after on the second hand market. High build quality compared to the competition, and a top of the range finish. But this is not a light boat.

Privilege 585 (2002)

24 Privilege 585s were produced from 2002 through to 2006, they are highly sought after in the second hand catamaran market. Pretty decent sailing performance and huge amounts of living space.

If you want to check out the ins and outs of the 585, you should probably check out Sailing Zatara, if you haven’t already. Here they are out on the open sea.
sailing zatara privilege 585

On Zatara is family of 6 from Texas who are sailing around the world.

Privilege 395 (2004)

The replacement for the 37.

Privilege 445 (2004)

Privilege 495 (2004)

The 465’s replacement, designed by Mac Lombard.

Privilege 745 (2004)

Launched in 2004, the 745 became the new flagship of the range. A big seaworthy flybridge cat.

Privilege 615 (2007)

The flybridge has a port-side helm, starboard seating, and big sun loungers.

Privilege 515 (2007)
For more info, read our Privilege Series 5 Review.

Privilege 640 (2016)

The 615 sports a more muscular look than her predecessors.

Privilege 740 (2016)
The current flagship of the range and the last of the Privilège Marine designs before the brand was bought by HanseYachts.

Privilege Signature 510 (2020)
The first new model under the Hanse group. Shown below is “Ona”.

Privilege Series 580 (2020)

The first 580, Vento, was launched in December 2020.
Visit out Privilege 580 page for more photos and specs.

Privilege Signature 650 (2022)privilege signature 650

In 2022, Privilege announced a new Marc Lombard design, the Signature 650 which fits in between the 740 and the 580. A luxury, seaworthy flybridge cat for ocean crossings.

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