The Flanders Family

The Flanders Family YouTube Channel

Meet the Flanders family: Matt, Gina, and their three kids on their catamaran Youtube channel. In a bold move fuelled by a desire for a richer life experience, they decided to trade our everyday for the excitement of global travel. In 2019, their adventure began as they explored the vast beauty of fifty states of the US in an RV. But that was just the beginning of the journey.

In 2022, they set sail from La Grande Motte aboard their dream yacht, an Outremer 5X catamaran, a spiritual voyage of faith and family.

Travelling and Connecting
Matt and Gina are entrepreneurs and motivational speakers, the team behind GREENIX Pest Control and Elite Accommodation.

Travel is a passion, a way to connect with diverse cultures, to learn, to grow, and to give back. Every place they visit, every community they touch, they look for opportunities to make a difference. 

Join the Flanders Family on YouTube on their Outremer Catamaran, a family’s quest to explore and to make the world a better place, one nautical mile at a time.

flanders family youtubePhoto Credit: Flanders Family


The Cruising Kiwis

The Cruising Kiwis are a New Zealand family of five: Rob (51+), Rachel (21ish), Finn (21), Declan (19), Ivan (16) who are heading around the world on their trusty Fountaine Pajot Belize 43.

They  have taken our children out of school to educate outside the classroom and learn from nature and new cultures.

They have been living aboard for over three years and have many miles under their belts while having a load of fun along the way.

if you are interested in the sailing grounds in Asia including Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia, then this is a great channel for some ideas. And they’ve got some good tips on Australia as well.

They have done some useful summaries covering the cost of the cruising lifestyle if you need some help with your budgeting.

the cruising kiwis youtube


Young Barnacles

Young Barnacles YouTube Channel

Young Barnacles is all about life aboard a Lock Crowther cat. This family is fixing up a vintage Catana 42S (Paikea) and making her into a modern performance cruiser. We love these classic Crowther designs so this YouTube channel is a personal favourite.

They are turning their catamaran into a modern and fast liveaboard, and this channel has some great stuff on how they repair and upgrade their boat, and they share tips on how to get the best performance out of a yacht. This includes sail trim videos, their experience sailing large multihulls (like Gunboats, HH and Atlantic cats), rigging advice, what equipment they use on their boat, and how they have configured their catamaran as a liveaboard cruiser.

The crew is Anna and Shayne with Ayden, Harry, and Olly.

Paikea is a 42ft Catana catamaran. The boat was built in the early days of Catana and an upgrade of Lock Crowther’s successful 40ft design. The original hull molds were extended another 2ft to create the new Catana42s. 

Shayne and Anna have made some major modifications to the front beam, added a carbon fibre longeron and a carbon fiber spreader-less rotating rig. So she is even quicker than Lock’s original!

young barnacles youtube channelPhoto credit: Young Barnacles



Katamarans YouTube Channel

This is our YouTube channel where we post boat tours, test sails as catamaran teasers on Shorts. We have covered the Windelo 50 and 54, the Excess 11 and 14, the Lagoon Sixty 5, the HH44 and many more with plenty of new boats to come

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Cat Greatcircle

Cat Greatcircle YouTube

Follow Marijke and Mark from Cat Greatcircle sailing around the world on their Outremer 55 catamaran in the Grand Large Yachting World Odyssey 500 (GLYWO).

They started September 2021 in the South of France, and plan to finish the party on the 22.6.2024 in the Açores.

These guys helped us out with an Outremer 55 Owner’s review, thanks for that Marijke and Mark! Cat Greatcircle is a very comprehensive YouTube channel from two experienced sailors with some fantastic insights into the Outremer 55 and performance catamarans in general.

On top of that, they have become very skilled in mid-oceanic drone flying (either that or they have a lot of drones ;)), so they videos have some great footage of the Outremer 55 surfing down the waves with the big sails up.

Their first boat was a Lagoon 39, which they upgraded to a Lagoon 52S. Then came the Outremer.

They are planning to sell Greatcircle after their circumnavigation and buy another boat: a new Outremer 55!

cat greatcircle youtube channel



Gone With The Wynns

Gone With the Wynns YouTube

Jason and Nikki have been filming their adventures since 2011 on Gone With the Wynns. They have a friendly, no-nonsense style that has won them many fans over the years, and they have evolved their vlogs into a full-time job under the umbrella of ‘Cultivate Curiosity’. Good for them!

Their first boat, Curiosity was a 2005 Leopard 43, one of Leopard Catamaran’s best-selling models. They have sold that now and are sailing around on their second catamaran, Curiosity 2, which is an HH44.


gone with the wynns youtubePhoto Credit: Gone With the Wynns


YouTube Channel Gone with the Wynns
Boat HH44
Crew Nikki and Jason
Previously on… Leopard 43, RV

United States, Mexico, Caribbean, Europe (eg Italy and Greece), Pacific Islands, Australia and New Zealand, Asia (eg Thailand and Indonesia), Central America, Canada, South America, China, Philippines and more!


Documenting their journeys, maintenance, repairs, organization tips, and the day-to-day challenges, Travel Destinations, Adventure Activities (snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, and exploring), Sustainable Living (renewable energy solutions, eco-friendly products, and reducing waste), Food and Cuisine (local cuisines, cooking aboard their boat, and covering food markets), Travel Tips and Advice (budgeting, trip planning, safety, and fitting into different cultures), Community Engagement (collaborations, Q&A sessions), Boat Projects (building, outfitting, and customizing their new HH44) including installations, upgrades, and modifications), Personal Stories and Reflections:

Since 2011, sailing since 2016

La Vida Gypsea

Sailing La Vida Gypsea on YouTube

Join Linda, Kurt & Rigby aboard La Vida Gypsea, which is a 1998 Catana 471 (hull #5).

They have been exploring Pacific Mexico. Costa Rica and are now heading to the Caribbean. Check out their Catana 471 Owner’s review if you are interested in this boat.


living la vida gypsea

Sailing Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose YouTube

Nick and Terysa decided to sail the world some years ago (2015). They started on a mono, and are now cruising around on a Seawind 1370. They sold up, rehoused the cats, and are now living on a cat!

If you are interested in these yachts, this is a great channel to dive a little deeper.

The Sailing Ruby Rose YouTube channel has some good technical videos as well as covering their adventures in the UK, France, Portugal, , Morocco and the Caribbean. They have also done some joint work with Gone with the Wynns in French Polynesia and spent a bit of time chartering in Australia.

They have done a fair few boat tours/reviews at boat shows. The series they ran while they were researching their current catamaran is worth a look.

sailing ruby rose youtube channelPhoto Credit:


The Sailing Family

The Sailing Family YouTube channel is on pause for now as Seth Hynes, who runs the channel, now works for HH Catamarans as their President. I guess that’s keeping him busy!

There are some great archived videos to watch here though, especially if you are interested in Outremers, and I am betting that channel will start back up again at some point. 

Seth helped us with a very insightful Outremer 51 Owner’s Review which is worth a read.

The channel covers the adventures of this family of five sailing around the world on their “dream boat,” a Ferrari red Outremer 51 called “Archer”. Seth, Elizabeth, and their 3 boys Hale, Rhys, and Pierce sailed from Cape Cod in the US United States down to the Caribbean and then through the Panama Canal. They crossed the Pacific and sold the boat in Sydney, Australia.

A good family-friendly channel!

the sailing family youtube channelPhoto Credit: The Sailing Family, Seth Hynes.


Sailing Zatara

Sailing Zatara YouTube

Renee and Keith became exhausted with the 9-to-5 in the US so they got their four kids together, sold their home in the Texas suburbs and bought a sailboat. Those were the days when they had no sailing experience.

Their adventure began in 2016, and as of today they’ve sailed well over 50,000nm, visited over 50 countries and have circumnavigated the globe! They still have three kids on board (one left for college in 2020).

Every Thursday(ish)
They film their escapades and upload them every Thursday (mostly) on YouTube. These are fun, family-friendly episodes all edited, and published exclusively by the “Z-Crew”. And they have become pretty good at it!

Their boat is one of Privilege Catamaran’s classics: the Privilege 585, “Zatara”.
Their eldest son came up with the name which means “raft,” or “driftwood” in Spanish.

The crew is Renee and Keith and their family Anna, Jack, Finn and Kate. They look like a solid bunch of people.

sailing zatara youtube channelThe Zatara Crew. Photo credit: Sailing Zatara.


Their WORST Ocean Crossing! 🌊 

The BIGGEST SEAS we’ve ever seen! (Ep 212)

One of their most popular videos covers their passage along the coast of Somalia. The Z Crew had to deal with rough seas, strong winds, and broken equipment during the trip.

The last 24 hours were particularly challenging. The strong current and following winds pushed the boat along at nine knots, even with bare poles. They were struggling to slow down because of the large waves and getting worried about hitting rocks that were not on the charts. Then a hatch seal broke and water started coming into the boat. The team was able to fix the problem temporarily with a siphon hose and towels.

Finally, the wind died down and Zatara was able to reach the leeward side of Socotra, a tiny Yemeni island at the tip of the Horn of Africa. for shelter.

Socotra Islandsocotra island


YouTube Channel Sailing Zatara
Boat Privilege 585
Crew Renee and Keith and their family Anna, Jack, Finn and Kate.
Previously on… Beneteau 55
Destinations Bahamas, BVIs, Panama Canal, Galapagos, Polynesia, Fiji, Turkey, Greece, New Zealand, Australia, Maldives, Seychelles, Somalia Coast, Yemen, Egypt, Suez Canal, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, and more!
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