HH Catamarans were formed in 2012 aiming to compete in the luxury high performance catamaran market.

The HH name comes from the 2 main drivers behind the company: Hudson Wang, who is the owner of Hudson Yacht and Marine and Paul Hakes, an experienced boat builder from New Zealand.

The Fast Cat Connection

Hudson Marine were involved in the manufacture of the Gunboat 60, designed by Nigel Irens. The companies eventually went their separate ways and HH Catamarans was born.

HH focused on developing their own line of performance cats designed by Morrelli and Melvin and the rest is history.


The first fast cat to come off the production line was the HH66. You can read our full HH66 review here. They really laid down the gauntlet with this first design.


Following the 66 footer came the HH55, shorter than the original boat, but still highly tuned for speed with a luxurious finish.
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Prospective buyers were requesting a size suitable for a couple sailing around the world, so the HH50 was developed


HH announced the launch of the HH44 in August 2021.
This fully carbon fibre yacht has lots of innovative feature like swinging dual aft helms and a closed transom.

It also runs a parallel hybrid system that operate in different modes:

1. Standard mode – diesel engines with the hybrid system disengaged.

2. Engine mode – operate the diesel engines with all extra horsepower  used to charge the large battery bank.

3. Generator mode – Disengage the clutch in the prop shaft and use the two diesel engines as two 6kW DC generators.

4. Silent mode – Disengage the electric motors from the diesel engines and run on the electric motors which provide 10kW of silent propulsion power per shaft (20kW total)

5. Hydro Regen mode – while sailing, disengage the electric motors from the diesel engines, open the folding props and allow it to free-spin, generating electricity for free!

HH44 Open

Designed with disabled sailors in mind, the HH44 Open was designed by HH Catamarans with the Disabled Sailors Association (DSA) of the UK. The design enables sailors to easily get on and off the boat, down into the hulls with full chair turning room, and up onto the side decks and foredeck.

Ocean Series


Although they specialise in light, luxurious performance cats, HH have branched out into the Ocean Series with the launch of the OC50. The OC50’s design closely follows that of the HH50, but she is constructed in e-glass and has fixed keels with winglets rather than dagger-boards.

The whole range is targeting long distance cruising couples who are looking for an easier boat to handle, but that remains a high performance machine.

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In development is a flybridge version called the OC56.


Also in development is an 88 foot superyacht. In fact, HH will custom build yachts of this type from 77 feet. This flybridge cat will have a 100% carbon construction, carbon mast and rigging,

Other Brands

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