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The first 2 Excess Catamarans, an Excess 12 and an Excess 15, were launched in July 2019. Prior to that, there was a fair bit of hype from the company which is part of Groupe Beneteau along with Lagoon, Jeanneau and Beneteau of course.

In hindsight, they may have overdone the performance message in their marketing, but this brand is developing into a very strong competitor in the faster cruising cat segment. They are competing with the likes of Nautitech and Seawind, maybe with a bit more emphasis on comfort. They view monohull sailors switching to catamarans as a key target and are doing some good work developing eco power options.

The first 2 boats (the 12 and 15) were launched using modified Lagoon moulds. Excess fitted them out with low booms and alf helms, but you will note that the mast position is further back than the newer models.


  • 2019 Excess 12 and Excess 15 are launched at Cannes Yachting Festival.
  • 2020 (Jan)  World Premiere of the Excess 11 at Dusseldorf
  • 2020 (Oct) Sea trials of the 11, 12 and 15 in Port Ginesta near Barcelona
  • 2022 (Aprl) Excess 14 announced
  • 2022 (July) The first Excess 14 splashes.

The newer models, the 11 and 14, are 100% Excess designed with the mast set further aft and a sportier profile.

Excess- all of the Catamarans

Excess 12 (2019)

Withe adapted moulds from the Lagoon 40, this was the first Excess onto the market.

Construction is similar to the Lagoon, with vacuum-infusion and balsa coring in the deck and hull above the waterline.

The Excess 12 has the same bridge deck and inner-hull design under the waterline as the Lagoon 40. The outer hull sections were redesigned by VPLP and have two new chines to maximise the living space inside, and the weight was reduced by optimising the interior furnishings.

Excess 15 (2019)

This is the largest Excess on the market and was built using adaped Lagoon 50 moulds. She weighs about a tonne less with lighter up interior furnishings and no flybridge. Available in either  “Standard” or the more powerful  “Pulse Line” version.

Excess 11 (2020)

The 11 is the baby of the Excess Catamarans range. Some owners affectionately call her the “Pocket Rocket”. This 37 footer is a clever boat: she is clearly in Lagoon 380 territory in a segment of the market that is not well served by the major catamaran brands. Check out this Excess 11 for Sale.

Unlike the previous 2 models, the Exess 11 was designed from the keels up and features a mast set centrally which gives her a sportier look and means she is well balanced under sail.

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Excess 14 (2022)

The Excess 14 develops the sporty DNA of the 11 even further with a centralised mast and swept back coach roof. The 14 has an overlapping genoa for more power from the front of the boat with longer keels & rudders for improved upwind performance.

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