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nautitechNautitech Catamarans, based in Rochefort sur Mer in France, build around 80 yachts per year. They are not one of the volume French manufacturers like Lagoon or Fountaine Pajot, but have positioned themselves as a yard that focuses on quality over quantity and strive to find the optimum balance between performance and comfort in their boats.

So positioned somewhere between Outremer Catamarans and Fountaine Pajot.

Photo Credit: Nautitech.

Nautitech Catamarans : a Timeline

Early Days
The brand was launched in 1994 by Dufour Yachts Group, who later sold the brand in 2002 to Bruno Voisard. From 2004 to 2006, the company moved its production to La Rochelle and they launched 2 new designs: the first Nautitech 40 and the 44, both of which remain popular on the second hand market.

A Move Inland
In 2008, Nautitech moved production inland to Rochefort and launched the Nautitech 441 and 442 (single and twin helm versions respectively).

Lombard Makes His Mark
In 2011, working with Marc Lombard, they launched the first of the current range: the Nautitech 54. This sleek design was followed by the 40 Open at 2013 which received great reviews.

The Franco-German Axis
The company was purchased by Bavaria Yachts in 2014 who invested in the production facilities, and the 46 Open and Fly models were launched in 2016.

In 2018, the brand, along with Bavaria who had run into financial difficulties, was purchased by Capital Management Partners, a private equity firm. The 47 Power was launched.

In 2019, Nautitech relaunched the 46 Open and Fly with new interiors.

List of all of the Yachts

Nautitech 82 (1994)

She’s a big ‘un!

The 82 is a 25 m superyacht built by Dufour. Her top speed is 12 kts, and she can accommodate up to 16 people with 3 crew. Designed by Michel Joubert and Bernard Nivelt.

An example is Nemo Sualiga launched in 1996.

Nautitech 60 (1994)

We can´t find any information on this boat. In the early days, the yard was commissioned on some custom builds, we are assuming that this was one of them.

Nautitech 475 (1995)

Already looking good without the fixed bimini

The boat before the 47 which was launched in the early Dufour days. In fact the later boat used the same hull moulds as this early Nautitech catamaran, although they made quite a few changes to the rest of the boat.

Nautitech 395 (1996)

A very popular early model for the brand

The 395, along with the 475 and the 435, was the boat that launched the brand in the Dufour days. At the time, your choice in the market was either a heavier cruising cat (Prout/Lagoon) or a high performance boat (Outremer, Catana).

With this model, Nautitech set their design DNA and positioned themselves somewhere in the middle as an affordable fast cruising catamaran. With those twin aft helms, sailing feel was always going to be an important part of the design.

Nautitech 435 (1997)

Pretty nippy with nice lines

The 435 was launched with the 395 and 475 as Nautitech´s first range of their new sailing catamarans.

These early yachts were more rounded than the modern boats, but you can still see much of the design DNA in there: aft helms, a low boom and sleek lines. The SA/D number comes in at just under 24 – pretty similar to the modern boats, with a light displacement of just 7.5 tonnes and 90 sqm of upwind sail area.

Nautitech 40 (2003)

One of Nautitech´s top sellers

Designed by Mortain & Mavrikios, the original 40 is still a popular entry level cat on the second hand market. She weighs just 7.4 tonnes light and with slender hulls moves nicely through the water. These boats look sleek  on the water, too, with that low boom.

There is no self tacking jib though and the jib and main sheets share the same winch. Kids love the one piece trampoline.

Nautitech 47 (2004)

A pretty cat if there ever was one

If you are looking for a pretty boat, these mid forty foot Nautitech catamarans really nail it. The proportions are just right in my opinion- they hit the sweet spot with this length. This is a powerful and light catamaran (11.1 tonnes lightship, 115,6 m2 / 1,244 sqft sail area) with sweeping lines.

Designed by Mortain & Mavrikios, interiors by Yann Chabaud & Jacques Pierrejean.

Read our Nautitech 47 Review for the full spec on this sleek cat.

Nautitech 47 Brochure

Nautitech 44 (2006)

Still popular on the 2nd hand market

A new design from the Mortain/Mavrikios team following the end of the Dufour years. The Nautitech 44 goes well upwind for a keel cat and the bimini had a popular sun-roof. In fact, the 44 was one of the first catamarans under 50ft with a full hardtop bimini, flush with the roof of the saloon: a real innovation at the time which has since been copied by pretty much everyone.

Just like their new models, the Nautitech 44s were built with moisture-resistant closed cell foam.

The saloon layout is very neat on these boats with a cosy nav station aft port. It was, however, easy to overload her.

Nautitech 441, 442 (2008)

Came in 2 versions: single or double helm

Nautitech later offered the 44 in a bulkhead helm version, like the 54.

Nautitech 441 Brochure

Nautitech 482 (2011)

Another pretty mid 40 footer from Nautitech

The 482 was the relaunch of one of Nautitech’s most successful models: the 47. Owner Bruno Voisard’s team completely redesigned the boat and came up with a gem that looks very similar to the 54. It’s a shame they stopped making these!

The Nautitech research and development department, lead by architect Franck de Rivoyre modified the bows and the hulls, which were lengthened to improve the ride. These boats were built by Marsaudon Composites.

Nautitech 482 Brochure

Nautitech 541/542 (2011)

The 541 is the single bulkhead helm version, and the 542 had twin aft helms. This design is now marketed as the Nautitech 54, but the 541 set up is still available.

This sleek yacht’s’s twin resin-infused hulls are solid laminate below the waterline and foam-cored above, along with the deck. The furniture and flooring are foam-cored. She clocks in at just under 15 tonnes – not bad for a catamaran this size.

Designed by Marc Lombard who evolved the sleek lines of the 482 into another lovely looking boat, the 54 is Nautitech’s current flagship. This was the first of the Marc Lombard Nautitechs and it still stands out in the range. We love the “diner” style smaller table in the saloon.

Nautitech 54 Brochure

Nautitech 40 Open (2015)

Gecko in Menorca

Designed by Marc Lombard, the Nautitech 40 Open is a great mix of performance and comfort. The aft cockpit and saloon opens up into one big interconnected space.

Those slender hulls slip through the water nicely, but they do mean that there is less space down below than other cruising cats like the Lagoon 40. That’s the trade off.

Read our full Nautitech 40 Open review for more details on this boat.

View the Nautitech 40 Open brochure

Nautitech 46 Open (2016)

Photo: Insta@spirit_of_bliss

Another one of Marc Lombard’s designs, the 46 Open closely follow the styling of the 40 Open, with more space in the saloon and down below. The lines all run back to the helms as well, unlike the smaller boat.

Read our full Nautitech 46 Open review for more details.

View the Nautitech 46 Open Brochure

Nautitech 46 Fly (2016)

If you are a fan of the lines on most of Nautitech’s boats, you might do a second take when you see the 46 Fly with its flybridge helm and high boom. This is a design that is targeted squarely at the charter market but it is finding favour with people looking to maximise the space onboard.

If I had to choose, I’d go for the Open every time however 😉

Nautitech 44 Open

nautitech 44

In the summer of 2021, Nautitech announced a new addition to the range: the Nautitech 44 Open, which slots in between the 40 Open and the 46 Open. Once again designed by Marc Lombard, it features a forward facing nav station, reefing from the helms, and an option for a “SmartRoom®” (office, place for your tools, washing machine etc).

You can read our Nautitech 44 New Buyer Review from Gareth.

Nautitech 44 Open Brochure

Nautitech 48 Open (2023)

nautitech 48 open port bow

The Nautitech 48 Open will launch in Cannes 2023: the new flagship of the range. This model was also designed by MLYDS (Marc Lombard) and takes the design of the 44 up a gear.

Like her smaller sister, she is available in many options with or without the SmartRoom® concept and promises to be a lively sailor.

Read our Nautitech 48 Review for more details on the flagship.

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