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Sell your Catamaran with an Ad

If you would like to list your boat for sale on and across our network, please contact us for full details. In addition to the pricing below, we offer premium packages to promote your catamaran. We are an advertising network, we do not work as brokers. We attract visitors from all over the world including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France , Italy, Spain, NL, South Africa, Sweden etc

1. Ad for 60 Days

(€24.98 per month)


2. Ad for 90 Days*

(€23.31 per month)

3. Ad for 90 Days* With Instagram Story

(€23.31 per month)

Package as (2) but also includes a story on

4. Ad for a Further 90 Days*

(€21.65 per month)

**This is the final charge. Your listing remains live until your catamaran is sold if you have paid for package 2 followed by 3.
At the time of renewal (3), your listing returns to the top of the list. attracts around 13,000 unique visitors per month

Terms and Conditions
Advertising your boat with

  • All photos, & yacht specifications provided to for the purpose of advertising a boat for sale, enter the public domain upon the advertisement publish date, and therefore are not considered proprietry or private.
  • There is no refund of fees once they have been collected.
  • Payment is made in advance
  • The listing will not be automatically extended – No cancellation is necessary
  • There are no additional brokerage fees. We are purely an advertising platform, not a broker.