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The Marsaudon Composites ORC57 designed by Marc Lombard

In addition, where we have specific information on individual boat manufacturers, we will list them here.

One of our favourite performance cruising catamaran manufacturers, although they now seem to be concentrating more on their Bali cruising catamaran brand these days. A shame, because this is the company that launched the Catana 471 back in the day.

Fountaine Pajot
This French yard have been building catamarans since the launch of the Louisiane 37 in 1983 and are one of the most successful manufacturers in the market.

From Peter Johnstone to Grand Large Yachting. Surely the most biggest catamaran brand out there. With Grand Large they are definitely going large with the Gunboat 80.

HH Catamarans
The 66, the 55, the 50 and now the Ocean Series, these yachts, manufactured to a high standard in China, are really snapping at the heels of Gunboat.

Kinetic Catamarans
Kinetic are building 2 luxury performance models: the 62 and the 54.

The market leader in catamaran production who needs no introduction.

Born from their charter partnership with The Moorings, Leopard are now one of the largest cruising catamaran manufacturers

Marsaudon Composites
Speed with no compromise from the L’Orient yard.

There is a great blend of performance and comfort in The Nautitech range.

Fast cruising cats, these boats have been designed to travel long distances quickly and safely.

A French luxury cruising catamaran manufacturer with a long history in the industry.

The brand that arguably invented the cruising catamaran market, Prout sadly went bust in the early noughties.

The history and all of the launches from this famous luxury catamaran brand.

Definition of a Catamaran

What is a catamaran? Well, strictly speaking it’s a a multi-hulled vessel (power or sail) with two parallel hulls of equal size. Catamarans get their stability from their wide beam (and some cats like Looping and the old Lagoons really go to town on this one). Generally, the ratio of length to beam is around 2:1. Some yachts are more narrow (Outremer) and some have bigger ratios. On, we focus on sailing catamarans.

This differs to a monohull which gets its stability from a ballasted keel. Catamarans typically have less volume in the hulls, a lower displacement and a shallower draft than monohulls of a similar length. The hulls slip through the water faster (less resistance) and the wider platform means that heeling and pitching are reduced. Less energy is lost generating a wake.

The first multihulls were built by the Polynesians.

At we group boats as follows:

Performance Catamarans
Yachts designed for speed with safety.

Cruising Catamarans
Yachts designed to maximise the living space while maintaining good performance.

Luxury Catamarans
No expense spared luxury, the Mercedes S Classes of the multihull world.

Classic Catamarans
Designs that have gone down in history as classics, these boats are still sought after today.

Custom Catamarans
One off designs and builds, either in the luxury or the racing sectors.

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