Bali CatamaransThe Catana Group launched Bali Catamarans in 2014 in 3 sizes: the 4.0, 4.3 and 4.5. The tilting door concept was developed by naval architect Xavier Fay and launched in March of that year by Olivier Poncin.

In a bid to take market share from Lagoon, Leopard and Fountaine Pajot in the charter and private owner’s market, the yachts were launched with many innovations that had never been tried before in the industry- the new brand caused quite a stir at the time. You could say that they re-invented the category.

Bali 4.8
Bali 4.8

Since then, the Catana Group and naval architect Xavier FAŸ have received many awards for their designs and the Bali brand has become the main revenue generator for the group.

Catana was put on the back burner after the 2016 launch of the 53, although they finally launched a new model, the Ocean Class, in 2022.

The Catana Group builds their yachts in 3 sites:
– Canet-en-Roussillon (in France’s Pyrénées Orientales region): Bali 4.5 / 5.4
– Marans (Charente-Maritime on France’s Atlantic coast), home to the production of the Bali 4.0 / 4.1, the Bali 4.3
– Cap Bon (in Tunisia), for charter versions of the Bali 4.0 / 4.1.

bali 4.4 catamaranBali 4.4. Photo: Bali Catamarans

Bali Catamarans are known for the following:

– These are unashamedly cruising cats that set out to maximise comfort. They feel sprightly under sail though, with all the tricks learnt from Catana
– They have a solid foredeck like a Prout with a forward cockpit instead of nets
– The interior space is wide open with a central platform free of bulkheads.
– Raised or flybridge helms (this does mean the booms are high). the exception is the Bali Catsmart with its twin aft helms and lower boom.
– They come with a large tilting “garage” door and sliding windows.
– They have a large American-style fridge in the saloon (except the 38).
– Balis have a swimming platform aft.

All of these features have proved very popular with customers, and drawing on their experience with Catana, the company has managed to combine this into a strong, seaworthy boat with decent sailing performance for a cruising cat.

Launches (Sailing)

Mar 2014: Tilting door and solid foredeck concept launched to the market.
Apr 2014: Bali 4.5 Open Space.
2014: Bali 4.2 Loft (launched as 4.3 at the Paris Boat Show).
2015 Bali 4.0 Lounge.
2015 Bali 4.3 Loft.
2017 Bali announce they have launched 130 BALI Catamarans.
2018: Bali 4.1.
2018: Bali 5.4.
2018: Relaunch of BALI 4.5. Offered with raised helm or flybridge.
2020 Bali 4:8 Open Space – filling the gap between the 4.5 and the 5.4.
2020 Bali 4.6 – replaced the 4.5.
2020 Production increased to 40,000 m2 across 3 sites
2020 Bali Catspace – with flybridge helm, the new 40-footer replaced the 4.0.
2020 Production capacity increased to 40,000 m2 across 3 sites.
2021 Bali 4.2 relaunched.
2021 The 1000th Bali Catamaran is launched.
2022: Bali 4.4 with forward door for access to the saloon from the f/w cockpit.
2022: Bali Catsmart – twin aft helms open up the living space on this 37-footer.
2022: The workforce continues to grow with a target of producing 300 boats/year.
2024: Bali 5.8. A new 18, flagship. Bali claims this yacht has 20% more living space than comparable rivals.

List of Boats By Length

Bali Catsmart (2022)

bali catsmart

Bali’s first 38′ cat, the Bali Catsmart follows the DNA of the brand, with the “BALI door” and the rigid deck forward. This model has twin helm stations that maximises the living space, a boat perfect for leisurely sailing and enjoying family time at anchor.

The Catsmart/Catspace branding can be confusing, but this is a clever design that fits well into the Bali range.

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Bali Catsmart Brochure

Bali 4.0 (2015)

bali 4.0

The Bali 4.0 was launched at the 2015 Cannes Yachting Festival one year after the 4.5 and 4.2. At the time, this was the Baby of the range. With her open living spaces, forward cockpit, sunbathing area, and competitive price, this cat took the entry-level catamaran market by storm.

It’s pretty boxy but roomy, and the sailing performance is decent thanks to those pronounced chines.

The flybridge helm means the boom is high, which raises the centre of effort of the fat-headed main. The rig is well aft.

Bali 4.0 Brochure

Bali 4.1 (2018)

bali 4.1

The Bali 4.1 replaced the 4.0 with even more living space. The main change was the addition of a central platform aft joining the two hulls. The storage locker on the 4.0 was replaced by an aft bench seat.

Bali 4.1 Brochure

Bali 4.2 Loft (2014)

The second launch after the 4.5. Very bright inside thanks to the large retractable windows, with their panoramic view. Launched with the large solid foredeck/sundeck of 18 m2 instead of nets. This model just became the 4.3 when it was launched.

Bali 4.3 Loft (2015)

bali 4.3 loft
Bali 4.3

With a more angular look than many of her competitors, the 4.3 has been a strong seller. With the solid foredeck, Bali “garage” door aft and open living area, she is the roomiest catamaran in her length. The flip side is that the upper helm/flybridge is exposed. The boom is high, so access to the sail and sail bag is more difficult. This also means the centre of effort on the mainsail is higher.

Bali 4.3 Brochure

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Bali 4.5 Open Space

bali 4.5 Vegana
Bali 4.5 Vegana

The first Bali launch in 2014, the 4.5 set the DNA for the brand with the “Open Space” concept. Foam-cored and vacuum-infused, it was available with a starboard raised helm station or a flybridge. Initially came with a sliding aft door and, of course, the full-size, refrigerator with a built-in ice maker. The first Bali owners were Vanessa and Philippe Pieux who took ownership of their Bali 4.5 No. 1 hull after it was presented at the Cannes Boat Show in 2014.

Bali 4.6 (2020)

bali 4.6

Replaced the 4.5. With a water-tight door forward, she can be open from the hard foredeck lounge to the aft beam seat.

Bali 4.8 (2020)

Bali 4.8

The Bali 4.8 Open Space fits in between between the 4.6 and the 5.4 with all of those innovative Bali features from previous designs, plus some new ones too. Light displacement is 14.8T with a maximum upwind sail area of 179 M2.

Like the 4.8, the 4.6 has access to the forward cockpit through a watertight interior door and to the cabins by panels opening onto the aft cockpit.

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Bali 4.8 Brochure

Bali 5.4 (2018)

bali 5.4

This was the flagship of the range until 2024. Built with the same methodology as a Catana with fiberglass hulls, decks, and infused and foam-cored Biminis. Sleeps up to twelve guests, plus crew.

Check out this Bali 5.4 for charter in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

Bali 5.8 Open Space (2024)

Bali announced a new flagship in February 2024 to celebrate their ten-year anniversary.

bali 5.8

She’s 18m long (59′) and over 9m (29.5′) in the beam with up to 20% more space than comparable catamarans of the same length thanks to the solid foredeck, the new “Rooftop” and Bali’s tilting door.

All of the bathrooms, even aboard the 6-cabin version, have separate showers and heads. The foredeck features a sunbathing, dining and lounge area.
She comes with over 240m² of upwind canvas (main + self-tacking jib) with an optional Code 0.

Bali 5.8 Brochure

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