Darren Newton, or Daz built his first catamaran Dazcat 1 with the help of his parents Rodney and Sonia and his brother Carl. He’d been a keen Hobiecat sailor in his teenage years and ended up winning the Round the Island race on his first boat. Then came the second build: Renegade after which he moved to Millbrook in Cornwall to work on the third Dazcat and set up the business.

dazcat 1395

In 1994 he won the Trans-Atlantic with Bob Beggs on Active Air (Dazcat 3).

In 1999, Multimarine was formed. Business expanded into building boats from other designers and maintenance work which helped the business grow on a solid footing going into the new millenium. In 2013, the company bought the Multihull Centre (previously run by Pat Patterson from Heavenly Twins) allowing them to expand their services into brokerage and berthing.

The combined strengths of Dazcat, Multimarine and the Multihull Centre has enabled the group to grow steadily over recent years with rising demand for their services and products including a refit for Gunboat 55 Rainmaker which was salvaged and relaunched as a performance power cat.

The Boats

Photos credit: Dazcat from Multihullcentre.com

Dazcat #1 1988

Dazcat 1

Dazcat #1 was a 28 footer that won the 1991 Round the Island Race in 3h 55m.

Dazcat #2 Renegade 1991

dazcat #2 renegade

A 26 footer that you could dismount and transport by trailer. Built with ISO Polyester and Spheretex core biaxial glass.

Dazcat #3 Clarke’s Active Air, renamed Brain

dazcat #3

This F26 Micro-racer was built in 1994 and was the first Dazcat to be built in Millbrook. Originally called Clarke’s Active Air, then Brain, she was last spotted in Croatia. It looks like she’s now called Oceano.

She completed two transatlantic races, first with Darren Newton and Bob Beggs in the two-handed, then later in the single handed by Bob.

LOA: 8m
Beam: 5m (approx.)
Weight: 1150 kgs
Berth: 2 (for 2 small ones)
Construction: Airex PVC foam core

Dazcat #4 Cloud 9 1995

dazcat #4 cloud 9

Launched as a 35 footer but later extended to 40 foot. Cloud 9 was Dazcats first cruiser

Dazcat #5 “Specially Selected”: Dazcat 920 SBC: 1997
SBC stands for Sports Bridgedeck Catamaran

This was designed for the Three Peaks Yacht Race, a race up the West Coast of the UK with runs up the summits of Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis, the highest peaks of Wales, England & Scotland.  The galley and navigation station are set half down in the hulls like the new designs give full standing headroom and great all-round views. The saloon seating is U-shaped and the table drops down to create a double berth.

Dazcat #6 “Paradox”. 9m Trimaran 1997

Designed for Alan Grace for the Round Britain and Ireland Race which she wi=on 3 times. Also came 2nd in class in the Fastnet

Dazcat #7 Deja Vu 1998

8m beach cat with trapezing racks

Dazcat #8 “Leigh” Dazcat 920 ORC 1998
An open bridgedeck 920. Won a 3 Peaks Race.

Dazcat #9 “Belladonna” D10 1999

dazcat d10 belladonna

Built as a 10m cruiser and refitted in 2006. Construction is vacuumed foam sandwich, with multi-axial E-glass fabric, Kevlar and carbon reinforced with vinylester and isothalic polyester resin systems.

Dazcat #10 “Zaba” D10 2001

dazcat zaba d10

Weighs 2.8 tonnes, lives her life as a cruiser.

#11 “Lady Bounty” – Dazcat 1400 SBC 1999

#12 “Raperee” – Dazcat 1400 1999 kit sold, launched 2017. 

#13 “Dazzler” Dazcat 1500 2000

#14 “Bedazzled” Dazcat D10 2001

#15 “Dazzle” Dazcat D12 2002

#16 “Stellar Marine” Dazcat D14 2005

#17 “Born Slippy” Dazcat D1190 2006

Now based in the Cape Verde Islands.

dazcat 1190

#18 “Easy Tiger” Dazcat D10R 2007

Helm with tillers…

#20 “Drama Queen” Dazcat D1150 2009

#21 “Sueños” Dazcat D1195 2010

The first D1195. This model is no longer in production, but you can still buy the completed hulls to finish.

Dazcat D1195 Brochure

dazcat suenos

#22 “Spirit of Freedom” D1195 (2010)

spirit of freedom dazcat 1195

#23 “Dazla” D1395 (2011)

Last seen at the Caribbean 600

dazcat 1395

#24 “RIP Van Winkle” Dazcat D1195 2013 

Now based in the US.

#25 “Rock Steady” D1195 2010

dazcat rock steady 1195

#26 “Hissy Fit” Dazcat 1495 2014

The 1495 is one of 2 models currently in production.
read our Dazcat 1495 review here.

Dazcat 1495 Brochure

dazcat hissy fit

MOCRA champion, winner in class in the Fastnet, Round the Island, Round Britain and Ireland

#27 “Apollo” Dazcat D1495

#28 Merlin D1195 2019

The D1195 is only available now a a “Structurally Complete Hull”. Dazcat production is now focused on the D1295 & 1495 models

#29 Slinky Malinki Dazcat D1295 2017

slinky malinki dazcat

Plenty of races under her belt including a 4th in class in the 2019 Fastnet. Weight: 5.6 tonnes.

#30 Mangata 5 D1295 XL 2019

dazcat 1295 XL

Built for a family whose three children have varying special needs.

#31 Tomcat Artemis (D1495) 2019

dazcar artemis

Built for wheelchair accessibility.

D1985 Concept

dazcat d1895

A supercat, designed in collaboration with Ben Rogerson for longer distances: built to handle all conditions. Target Light Displacement is 12 tonnes.

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