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Catamarans on YouTube, Blogs

Bookmark this page to find the best channels and let us know if we are missing any! This is a list of some of our favourite sailing catamaran YouTube channels and blogs.

Best Sailing YouTube Channels

These are mostly catamaran channels, but there are one or two monohull YouTubers in there as they were too good to leave out!

These YouTube channels are full of some of the world’s special sailing destinations and cover what it takes to get there, including some great technical resource, some of which is specific to a model of boat and some of which is general sailing and maintenance advice.

You can also follow our sailing blog, of course. If you would like to be featured in this section, contact us!

Sailing Blogs ‘n Vlogs

1. Wildlings Sailing – Vlog

Previously, Mark and Nadiyana bought an old Sailcraft Cherokee 35 and they made it purr again. Now it’s Mark on his own fixing up a Wharram Pahi 42. Another massive boat project!

The Wildling sailing channel is top entertainment.

It just goes to show, you don’t need a Gunboat to have a blast, this is one of the most genuine channels out there, a great couple fixing up this ketch rigged cat. Go Wildlings!

2. Escapade – Blog

If you can stomach a blog that is going to make you green with envy, then fire up Escapade Sailing which covers Jonathan and Dawn Pooley’s travels onboard their catamaran – an Outremer 51 called Escapade. There are some fantastic shots of the South Pacific on this blog.

That looks tough…..

3. Sail Puffin, Sail Wilding – Blog

These are great blogs. I first started reading Sail Wilding which is all about Doug and Robins’s travels on their Outremer 5X. There´s some great technical resources in here as Doug is a stickler for detail. Anyway, they sold Wilding and are now cruising around on Puffin, an Outremer 4X. That´s great news for the rest of us, as we get 2 catamaran sailing blogs for the price of one! If you are ever in the market for an Outremer 4X, or 45 for that matter, make sure you read Puffin’s build specifications and options list.

4. Sailing Little Bird – Vlog

Splash Day

5. Ticket to Ride – Blog

Follow this luxury performance catamaran: Ticket to Ride is an HH55 and a lovely looking boat.

The owners previously had a 2013 Fountaine Pajot 44′ but they swapped it for more speed. A lot more speed! All of the posts on the catamaran build are very interesting (eg some of the 2018 posts).

Looking good

6. Moonwave – Gunboat 60 – Blog

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to live and sail around the world on a Gunboat 60, then you’ll need to check out the Moonwave blog that is run by Sophie who crewed on this catamaran. Follow their travels in Asia, the Caribbean, the US and Asia. Sophie has now left the boat, but the blog still lives on.

7. Sailing La Vida Gypsea (Vlog)

Follow Linda, Kurt and Rigby on their Catana 471: La Vida Gypsea. This is their “Day in the life” episode.

These guys helped us with a Catana 471 Owner’s review so go and check out their Youtube channel!

8. Gone with the Wynns – Vlog

Jason and Nikki have been documenting their travels since 2011 on Gone With the Wynns. The popular couple have been entertaining fans for many years and have managed to develop their vlog production into a full time job under the banner of ‘Cultivate Curiosity’. Good for them!

Curiosity is a 2005 Leopard 43, one of Leopard Catamarans best selling models. They have sold that now and are waiting for delivery of their second catamaran, Curiosity 2, which will be an HH44.

9. Parlay Revival – Lagoon 450F – Vlog

These vlogs follow Colin Macrae who is a Superyacht Engineer on his travels on a Lagoon 450F called Parlay. Colin bought his boat after it had been smashed up in Hurricane Irma and has been fixing it up ever since as well as rescuing a few dogs at the same time.

The boat looks great now and they are on their way to New Zealand via Panama. We teamed up with these guys and did a Parlay Revival Review on their Lagoon 450 in our Owner’s section. Check it out if you are thinking of buying or chartering a L450. Colin is pretty famous for highlighting some bulkhead issues he had on his boat which helped a lot of people fixing up their boats. And p*ssed of  a lot of people trying to sell their 450s. No doubt though, Colin is the real deal and I think will end up thanking him for raising these issues.

You could say he raised a bit of a “sh*t storm”, but all’s well that ends well.

10. Sailing La Vagabonde – Outrememer 45 – Vlog

Well, we had to mention Riley, Elayna, Lenny and Darwin on Sailing La Vagabonde didn’t we? These guys have done so well – they started off in a monohull in Greece where they met, and now they are cruising around on an Outremer 45 with 2 stowaways onboard: Lenny and Darwin. Watch the first video and the last video, and see how much their video shooting skills have developed.

But what am I telling you that for, you have probably watched all the episodes anyway. They have a Rapido 60 on order as the Outremer isn’t quick enough for them!

They´re nippy, those Outremers!

11. Trade Wind Adventures – Catana 472 – Blog

If you like Catanas, check out Trade Wind Adventures which is all about Annie Gardner & Eric Witte’s travels on “el Gato”, a 2000 Catana 472.

12. The Sailing Family Outremer 51 – Blog Archives

Seth, Elizabeth and their 3 boys on “Archer”, a Ferrari red Outremer 51. They helped us out on a review on the 51 (a good read if you are researching these boats). Head to the The Sailing Family. They have now sold Archer and Seth is working with HH Catamarans, but you can take a look back through their vlogs of their trip around the world

13. TulasEndlessSummer – Crowther Vlog

Billy, Sierra and Jetty (their dog) who were cruising around on a Crowther Spindrift 40, are now on a Seawind 1170. Tula’s Endless Summer is a fun vlog with some good technical stuff on it as well. Follow them, fixing up boats up along the way. They sold their Crowther and then bought a 1978 DeFever 43′ trawler for $100 which they have also sold.

They are waiting on the delivery of a Seawind 1260, it’s a great channel to check out.

These guys really put the work in fixing up their boats, and they look fun too. Check out the Spinnaker Flying episode where they fly their spinnaker off the bow at anchor (along with some of the crew).

14. Sailing Lady Africa – Dean 365 Vlog

This was Simone and Ricky from South Africa on their 1991 365 Dean Oceanliner Catamaran (they have sold the boat now).

They fixed Lady Africa up nicely (Lithium batteries, new mainsail, new rigging, looks great). If you like technical stuff, there is some great content here on the refit.

15. Sailing Fiesta – Prout Event 34 Blog

Sailing Fiesta is a great account of a journey of one man and his dog around the British Isles on a Prout Event 34. I enjoyed this one! The first catamaran I ever sailed in was a Prout Event, well, other than a Hobie Cat I mean.

Fiesta all tucked in