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First Vaan Yacht in “Vivid Alu”

Vaan Yachts, the aluminium eco catamaran manufacturer from the Netherlands, has recently presented the first Vaan yacht fininshed in ‘Vivid Alu’ finish.

To get the look, the aluminium hull was sanded to a smooth matte finish, giving it a raw and tough look. Along with the chique and soft cork decking, the large windows and the clean white painted cockpit, it enhances the catamaran’s luxury finish.

As well as looking great, there are functional benefits too as the Vaan Vivid Alu finish does not have to be repainted. You maintain the look with cleaning, and any scratches are re-sanded. What’s more, the Vivid Alu is 100kg lighter than a painted hull.

As well as a stunning finish, the Vaan Vivid Alu is also more eco-friendly. As there is no paint or fairing, the amount of chemicals used and emissions produced in the manufacture of the hull is reduced. It also makes recycling more efficient.