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Excess Catamarans Starlink Offer May 24

Enjoy a free Starlink pack with the purchase of an Excess catamaran

The Starlink Offer that Excess Catamarans were offering at the International Multihull Show in La Grande Motte has been extended and will now run through to the end of May 2024!


For sailors who want to ride the waves and surf the web!

Imagine sailing off on your greatest adventures with the ability to stay connected to the entire world. Thanks to Starlink, you can now enjoy a high-speed internet connection, even on the open ocean. Whether you want to work remotely or stay in touch with loved ones, Starlink provides a seamless Internet experience wherever you are.

Starlink is proving popular with sailors thanks to its ability to provide a fat, stable Internet connection at sea, around the world.

With a compact, easy-to-install antenna on your Excess 11 or 14, you will get a robust, reliable internet connection, even in the most remote locations with no to worry about areas without network coverage or unstable connections.

Work where you like! – the Seven Seas become your new office. Explore the planet with a high speed Internet connection to stay in touch with family and friends with all the information you will even need at your fingertips.

To take advantage of this offer, contact your Excess dealer.

For any purchase of an Excess 11 or Excess 14 until May 31st 2024. MOBILE PRIORITY subscription – 50 GB for a maximum of 3 months if you purchase an Excess 11 or Excess 14 only with the 2kVA CONVERTER [12V/220V 50HZ] compulsory option + if Excess 11 only with the STAINLESS STEEL DAVITS compulsory option and for Excess 14 only with the COMPOSITE DAVITS compulsory option.

The MOBILE PRIORITY subscription – 50GB or equivalent will be included for a maximum period of 3 months from delivery of the boat.