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If you are buying a catamaran, you have one main decision to make. Do you want performance on the water and a boat that will get you from A to B quickly (and out of trouble if you need to), or do you want more square footage to boost comfort levels while at anchor?

On one end of the scale are your Lagoons, your Leopards and your Sunreefs (if you decide to go up the luxury scale in the case of the final brand). And in the speed section are your Marsaudon Composites, your Dazcats and your Gunboats (again if you decide to go the luxury route in the case of the latter). And, of course, there are many other brands that fill in the spaces in between.

Marsaudon Composites is firmly positioned on the speed axis: a performance catamaran manufacturer that wins races. But they also make comfortable boats that sail with a smooth ride, and none more so than their flagship the ORC57 which has been inspired by catamarans such as the Gunboat 60 and the Outremer 5X. As Marsaudon’s marketing says, the Ocean Rider Catamarans range are true sailing machines. This boat will be competing in a white hot market against the likes of the O-Yachts Class 6 and the HH55.

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The 57 footer has been designed by Marc Lombard who also designs boats for Nautitech and Privilege, so he’s well known in this corner of France: L’Orient. He has done a great job in expanding the range from the smaller 42 and 50 footers that were designed by Christophe Barreau. You can see that he has taken inspiration from the smaller models’ fluid and sporty lines.

At just 11.3 tonnes light weight, this catamaran promises to be a serious mover. She’s just over 18m long and carries a 108 m² mainsail and an 81 m² Genoa (J1)


The ORC57 is built with female molds using infusion process. They are well versed in building racing machines at this yard: the process involves sandwich reinforcement with fibreglass and vinylester resin, PVC foam core with an epoxy primer below the waterline. The daggerboards are made of fibre glass/ vinylester with suspended rudders on shafts.

There’s a choice of double tillers for direct steering like you will see on the smaller boats or twin aft wheels for helms.

The standard mast and boom are aluminium, but they have used carbon on the cross beam and bowsprit.


The ORC57 is a powerful machine, but she’s been set up for a short-handed crew. There are 8 winches to help you manage the sails: 2 dedicated mainsheet winches, plus winches for the genoa and daggerboard lines. There are plenty of handrails on the roof for safety (8) and a crash box in each bow with watertight bulkheads

Living Space

This is a 57 foot cat, so there is plenty of space, but it’s not going to compare to a 57 foot cruising cat of course. The saloon sports a large dining area plus a day bed /watch bed, nav station and aft facing galley. Down below in the standard version are 2 spacious, light aft cabins (200cm x 200cm beds), 2 heads and 2 queen sized forward cabins (200cm x 160com beds).


This is one sleek looking catamaran. We can’t wait to see it on the water, and she is priced very competitively for this market. The ORC 57 is a light, fast sailing catamaran. The design mantra was “Keep it simple and keep it light”.

FAQs Marsaudon ORCC57 Catamaran

How much is an ORC57?
The standard configuration is priced at just under €1.1m, launched and rigged in L’Orient. Of course, there are plenty of extras that you can add onto this, but still, this catamaran is competitively priced in this market against the likes of HH, Dazcat and even Outremer

Technical Specification

Length WL

17.1m / 56' 1"

Length OA

60' 4"


9m / 29' 6"

Displ. Light

11.3 tonnes / 24,912 lbs

Displ Max

13.9 tonnes / 30,644



SA/D (J1)



108 m² / 1163 sq ft

Genoa (J1)

87 m² / 936 sq ft


1.07m / 3' 6"

Draft Boards Up

1.5m / 4' 11"

Draft Boards Down

4.5m / 14' 9"


2 x 57 HP


2 x 200L / 2 x 53 gal


2 x 200l / 2 x 52 gal