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Renee and Keith became exhausted with the 9-to-5 in the US so they got their four kids together, sold their home in the Texas suburbs and bought a sailboat. Those were the days when they had no sailing experience.

Their adventure began in 2016, and as of today they've sailed well over 50,000nm, visited over 50 countries and have circumnavigated the globe! They still have three kids on board (one left for college in 2020).

Every Thursday(ish)
They film their escapades and upload them every Thursday (mostly) on YouTube. These are fun, family-friendly episodes all edited, and published exclusively by the "Z-Crew". And they have become pretty good at it!

Their boat is one of Privilege Catamaran's classics: the Privilege 585, "Zatara".
Their eldest son came up with the name which means "raft," or "driftwood" in Spanish.

The crew is Renee and Keith and their family Anna, Jack, Finn and Kate. They look like a solid bunch of people.

sailing zatara youtube channelThe Zatara Crew. Photo credit: Sailing Zatara.


Their WORST Ocean Crossing! 🌊 

The BIGGEST SEAS we've ever seen! (Ep 212)

One of their most popular videos covers their passage along the coast of Somalia. The Z Crew had to deal with rough seas, strong winds, and broken equipment during the trip.

The last 24 hours were particularly challenging. The strong current and following winds pushed the boat along at nine knots, even with bare poles. They were struggling to slow down because of the large waves and getting worried about hitting rocks that were not on the charts. Then a hatch seal broke and water started coming into the boat. The team was able to fix the problem temporarily with a siphon hose and towels.

Finally, the wind died down and Zatara was able to reach the leeward side of Socotra, a tiny Yemeni island at the tip of the Horn of Africa. for shelter.

Socotra Islandsocotra island


YouTube Channel Sailing Zatara
Boat Privilege 585
Crew Renee and Keith and their family Anna, Jack, Finn and Kate.
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