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Follow Marijke and Mark from Cat Greatcircle sailing around the world on their Outremer 55 catamaran in the Grand Large Yachting World Odyssey 500 (GLYWO).

They started September 2021 in the South of France, and plan to finish the party on the 22.6.2024 in the Açores.

These guys helped us out with an Outremer 55 Owner's review, thanks for that Marijke and Mark! Cat Greatcircle is a very comprehensive YouTube channel from two experienced sailors with some fantastic insights into the Outremer 55 and performance catamarans in general.

On top of that, they have become very skilled in mid-oceanic drone flying (either that or they have a lot of drones ;)), so they videos have some great footage of the Outremer 55 surfing down the waves with the big sails up.

Their first boat was a Lagoon 39, which they upgraded to a Lagoon 52S. Then came the Outremer.

They are planning to sell Greatcircle after their circumnavigation and buy another boat: a new Outremer 55!

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