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Jason and Nikki have been filming their adventures since 2011 on Gone With the Wynns. They have a friendly, no-nonsense style that has won them many fans over the years, and they have evolved their vlogs into a full-time job under the umbrella of ‘Cultivate Curiosity’. Good for them!

Their first boat, Curiosity was a 2005 Leopard 43, one of Leopard Catamaran's best-selling models. They have sold that now and are sailing around on their second catamaran, Curiosity 2, which is an HH44.


gone with the wynns youtubePhoto Credit: Gone With the Wynns


YouTube Channel Gone with the Wynns
Boat HH44
Crew Nikki and Jason
Previously on... Leopard 43, RV

United States, Mexico, Caribbean, Europe (eg Italy and Greece), Pacific Islands, Australia and New Zealand, Asia (eg Thailand and Indonesia), Central America, Canada, South America, China, Philippines and more!


Documenting their journeys, maintenance, repairs, organization tips, and the day-to-day challenges, Travel Destinations, Adventure Activities (snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, and exploring), Sustainable Living (renewable energy solutions, eco-friendly products, and reducing waste), Food and Cuisine (local cuisines, cooking aboard their boat, and covering food markets), Travel Tips and Advice (budgeting, trip planning, safety, and fitting into different cultures), Community Engagement (collaborations, Q&A sessions), Boat Projects (building, outfitting, and customizing their new HH44) including installations, upgrades, and modifications), Personal Stories and Reflections:

Since 2011, sailing since 2016
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