Double Sheet Bend

double sheet benddouble sheet bend



Double sheet bend (vid 1). Swipe to the second video to see how to tie a single sheet bend- it’s similar.

The double sheet bend joins two ropes of different thicknesses well especially if they are wet. Also known as the double flag bend. Make sure both working ends are on the same side when completed. It’s stronger that way.

Form a bight (loop) with the thicker rope. Keep the end up top.

Thread the thinner line through the loop as shown and then round behind the
thicker rope.

Pass the working end of the thinner line round the neck of your loop.
Then tuck the thinner line back under itself twice. If you stop at one tuck, that’s a sheet bend (video 2). It’s quicker but not as strong

An example of when you might use this knot: attaching a heaving line to a mooring line so it’s easier to throw ashore.