Zeppelin Bend

zeppelin bendzeppelin bend



How to Tie a Zeppelin Bend

The Zeppelin Bend. I’ve covered this knot before, but not with port and starboard ropes 😁 It’s in the same family of knots as the double sheet bend – very useful for joining 2 ropes together.

I think different colour ropes are really handy for seeing what’s going on. Once you get this one down, it’s really easy to remember and it’s great for tying two ropes together.

You can also use a sheet bend (different sizes) or a double sheet bend (covered in a separate post). The Zeppelin is the strongest though, IMO, and it doesn’t jam under load.

This knot was used to anchor airships down. You can just tell by the look of it that it’s really strong.

Plus, it’s got a great name: The Zeppelin Bend, or Zepper: it’s the rock star of knots!