Carrick Bend

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The Carrick Bend 🥨 is an old nautical knot used to join 2 hawsers (you know, big thick ropes used for anchoring ships, towing etc) . Also good on warps (mooring lines) , even if they are different thicknesses. It’s in the same family of knots as the Double Sheet Bend – all great for joining two ropes together.

It won’t slip or jam, you’ll find the knot tightens and collapses on itself as it takes the strain. You can also use the Sheet Bend or the Zeppelin Bend for joining ropes. The Carrick is pretty easy to tie once you’ve got it down, worth remembering.

Make an overhand loop with one rope. Lay the second rope on top, then take the second working end under the first standing end then go over, under, over, under as shown.

If you like these kinds of knots, read our article on how to tie a Zeppelin Bend which is one of our favourite knots.