3 Ways to Tie a Bowline




Three Ways to Tie a Bowline

1. Rabbit Bowline 🐰
This is the traditional method of tying a bowline. Make a loop in the standing end (always loop the same way for muscle memory training). Feed the end of the working line up through the hole, around the “tree” or standing end and back down the hole. In a mariner’s bowline, the tail of the working end should end up inside the loop so that it doesn’t snag on anything later.

Swedish Bowline 🇸🇪
Twist the standing end over itself to make a loop. Then cross the 2 lines in the loop over one another and finally feed the working end up through the hole, pinch to the inside of the loop and pull tight.
Pinch & Twist Bowline
Start with the loop facing you. Pinch the working end over the standing end and rotate your wrist to make a loop. Then quickly around the standing end and back down the loop to finish off the knot.
It’s worth practising all of these methods over and over again as you will find them useful in different situations. For example, the Pinch and Twist (with the knot going away from you) is useful if you are on the dock tying your tender off to a ring. If you tied it off while you were still in the tender, you would probably use the more traditional “rabbit” method.
How do you tie them?