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The Rolling Hitch is an essential knot to know when you are sailing, and is designed to attach a thinner rope to a thicker one. ⬅️ 2 vids tying from left then from right

If your sheet jams in the winch ⚙️, this knot will save your bacon. Just calmy hitch a thinner rope to the sheet in front of the winch and use that to take the load off the sheet so you can unjam it. The best policy is to keep all your lines organised so you don’t jam in the first case of course. But it happens to the best of us.

@tulasendlesssummer uses these knots to set a swell bridle… very interesting tips, see comments below, feel free to add your tuppence worth.
Come over the sheet and round to make an “x”. That’s the bit that gives the knot it’s friction. Then come over again and tuck the working end through.

This is a unidireccional knot, i.e. it only works pulling one way, which is away from where you finished the knot to back where you started the first “x”. So practice it both ways, and especially practice it on your main sheet and headsail sheet so that you can do it in your sleep.

Other useful knots in this category include the cleat hitch and the snuggle hitch.