Mariner´s Bowline

mariner´s bowlinemariner´s bowline



The Mariner´s Bowline. Pinch and Twist method.

This is a great quick way of tying a bowline. You can even do this one handed.

Before you start, just take a minute to see how the line is arranged. Then do it the same every time. In this example, the standing end and working end are running away from you. Say if you were on the dock tying up your tender.

The working (loose end) is on my right and I lay it over the standing end. Then I pinch the join with my right hand and twist clockwise and do a thumbs up 👍🏽 so the rope end pops up through the loop you have made. Practise this a few times.

Then finish off as usual, round the tree, back down the hole. Easy! Make sure the working end lies on the inside of the loop (come around the tree right to left in this example). That’s the pinch and twist bowline, practise it and you’ll be able to do it with your eyes shut! 😴