Bowline on a Bight

bowline on the bightbowline on the bight



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The Bowline on a Bight is a double-loop variation of the bowline. Tie it in the centre of a line when you need a loop and you can’t easily get to either end.

It makes a good hoist if you have to lower or raise someone, with one loop the seat and the other under the armpits and around the chest. The loops should not slip and it shouldn’t jam after strain.

With a doubled up rope, make a small overhand loop as you would in a Bowline. Thread the end of the bight up through the loop.

Open the end of the doubled rope and bring it down and around as shown and tighten.

Other variations include the Water Bowline (good for tying tenders off), the Inuit Bowline and of course the standard knot.

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