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sunreef logoSunreef are famous for producing big, sleek, luxurious sailing and power cats – welcome to the “Baby” of the range: the Sunreef 50.

This yacht from the Polish superyacht builder is a clever move to appeal to sailing couples looking to sail oceans—or head to their favourite cruising grounds—without the need for a crew. They are targeting a similar market to Privilege.

This 50 footer has all the high end spec and design of their larger yachts such as the generous use of teak, luxurious cabins and opulent master suite. You can extend the aft cockpit with a hydraulic platform if you want, or head up to the wet bar and sun beds on the fly-bridge. It’s a fully customisable, top end luxury catamaran.

They call this the Compact Luxury Catamaran. She features many of the characteristics of her larger 60 and 80 ft sisters in 2 50ft hulls and you can sail her without crew. Think of the cash you’ll save!


Sunreef Lounging

It’s what Sunreef is all about isn’t it? Pure luxury at anchor and the 50 doesn’t disappoint.

The amount of space you get on the new 50 has to be seen to be believed. Even though this is the Baby of the range, this is by no means a cramped boat by anyone’s definition: Sunreef have used the available footprint cleverly. The saloon is a bit of a Tardis and it spills seamlessly onto the aft cabin with its alfresco dining area and wet bar. Steps lead directly onto a sumptious fly-bridge with lots of seating and lounging areas and the helm of course.

Forward, you can also access the forward cockpit (a feature well developed in Leopard Catamarans), but as you would expect this area is somewhat more luxurious on a Sunreef 50.

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Down Below

In the hulls especially, you will need to get your drawing board out and work with the designers from Poland as this is where much of the customisation takes place. The #1 hull was designed for cruising around the world, so the owner went for a huge master suite, office and bathroom in one hull with guest cabins in the other. This is where the quality of the finish and the sheer available space make these boats stand out compared to yachts of a similar length. Other options include a 5 cabin version with room for crew.


With all this comfort, there has to be a trade off of course, and that is sailing performance as Sunreef catamarans are not the lightest on the market. These boats are all about luxury at anchor and getting you where you need to go in a reasonable time safely. But you are not going to be winning any races at the Voiles de Saint Barth. And to be fair, Sunreef have never claimed otherwise.

Having said that, on the 50, the boat has been set up for short-handed sailing and with the lightwind sails in your sailing locker you should move nicely along in a breeze. With electric winches and furlers and everything working properly, you should be able to handle this boat with one decent deck hand. If you were off on a long voyage though, that high boom height would worry me (problems with reefing lines anyone?), and the exposed helm position is obviously not ideal in 35 knots of wind in a big sea while you are trying to keep a close eye on everyone else on the boat. I think at the very least you’d need to make sure that you had plenty of back-up systems on board to minimise risk.

They will be launching an Amber version – a limited edition model that will come with a carbon mast and boom – that is specifically targeting worldwide cruisers. That should get the weight down and the speed up considerably.

Examples of Launched Yachts

Sunreef 50-01: Paz (Mar 2019).
Sunreef 50-02: Trill. (Jun 2019).
Sunreef 50-03: Dolphin. (Nov 2019).
Sunreef 50-04: Adara (Apr 2020)

Sunreef Summary

Most people who buy a Sunreef won’t be sailing around Cape Horn. They’ll be wanting to cruise safely at 10 knots on a reach to their favourite anchorage where they’ll probably be the most luxurious boat in the bay. And on this count, the Sunreef 50 delivers.

Technical Specification

Overall Length


Maximum Beam





32,000 kg








2x80HP Yanmar


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