Ground-Line Hitch

ground line hitchground line hitch



This is the 🥨 Ground-Line Hitch which is more secure than the Clove Hitch. It’s a great knot for tying fenders to guardrails. Fenders are expensive, so more secure is good!
Wind the rope around the rail and cross over diagonally. Come back around the rail again, pass across diagonally again and tuck into the first loop.
It’s pretty easy when you get the hang of it. You can also make a bight (loop) in the working end before the very last tuck if you want a quick release version. Check out our anchor hitch page if you like this type of knot.

Other knots worth looking at in this category include the Cleat Hitch and the Snuggle Hitch

Ground-Line Hitch Pros and Cons

✅ Easy to tie and quick
✅More secure than the clove hitch

❌ Takes longer to tie than the Clove Hitch