Lagoon 67

lagoon 67lagoon 67


Lagoon only ever built four 67s from 1993 to 1995. They are very rare, and most people are surprised to find out that the boat is actually a Lagoon when they see one.

The brand may be all about comfortable cruising catamarans like the Lagoon 450F and the 50 now, but when Lagoon started they were a performance cruising catamaran manufacturer and  were at the forefront of this market for many years. Let’s see if they gravitate back to this market with the new Excess range.

The 67 was built by JTA (Jeanneau Technologies Avancées) and  designed by naval architects Marc Van Peteghem and Lauriot Prevost.   JTA developed Lagoon as a performance brand under Jeanneau’s “competition” department (Pierre Ier, Fleury Michon, etc). The 67 was the high water mark for the brand in this period after the 55, the 47 and the 57. This JTA racing pedigree is one of the reasons why these catamarans have such a great reputation and have made it onto our list of classic catamarans. It’s a design that inspired a newer generation of fast cats like the Gunboat 55 and the Marsaudon TS5.


One of the 4 boats (Indigo III) was called a 67S (Sport) as it had a taller carbon rig, and carbon bridge-deck.

On Deck, Down Below

The 67 has twin aft helms, wide decks and a very sleek profile. She’s one of the prettiest cats you´ll see on the water. Up front there is a self-tacking jib and a genoa, both on furlers. The lighter wind sails fly off the bowsprit.

In the cockpit, there´s a huge day bed on the port side and a sofa and dining table on the starboard. This catamaran was well ahead of its time in that the cockpit and saloon opens up into one huge area albeit with a small step- pretty much the Open concept that you’ll see on many modern multihulls.

You will need to be a fan of aft helms to like this classic boat as they are right back on the hulls and it’s standing room only – this is a boat that has been designed for sailors who want maximum feel of the boat.

That does mean that you have maximum living space up top though. it’s huge.

Once you are through into the salon, you can nip down to the aft starboard cabin in the hull with its own head and separate shower. Access to the forward cabin in further forward past the nav station. The salon is huge with sofas forward on the starboard side of the boat and a big dining table surrounded by a wrap-around sofa. Down below forward there are 2 more cabins and 2 heads – this boat is a complete Tardis!

In the port hull, there is a cabin aft, then a galley (down) plus more accommodation forward.

Although this boat doesn’t have dagger-boards, it’s fast over most points of sails thanks to her sail area to weight ratio. And a big beam means she’s very stable. She has more leeway than modern performance cats with boards in lighter winds of course, but you’d be surprised how little. In a fresh breeze, you won’t notice much difference.

And downwind she flies as fast as any new performance cat on the water – in the high teens and even over 20 knots in the right conditions.


The Lagoon 67 was the high water mark for Lagoon in their performance catamaran days, and this boat was way ahead of its time: definitely a classic catamaran. She could just be the prettiest cat out on the water.

Technical Specification


20.6m / 67´7"


10.7m / 35'10"


1.6m / 5'3"


20 tonnes / 44092 lb


135m2 / 1453 sq.ft

Furling Jib

85m2 / 915 sq.ft / 85 m2

Fore furling staysail

43 m2 / 463 sq.ft

Storm Jib

10 m2 / 108 sq.ft


2 x 600 litres


2 x 500 litres


2 x 100HP