Kinetic KC54



Kinetic’s first design off the blocks was the KC62, and this was quickly followed with the KC54: a performance catamaran that is aimed at the cruising couple. She is built for fun fast coastal cruising and long distance offshore cruising in comfort.

The Ocean Explorer OE50, the HH52 and the Outremer 55 are the main competition. Kinetic are at the luxury end of the scale: these performance cruisers/racers are 100% carbon fibre and optimized for weight and performance whilst maximizing space and luxury.

Like her bigger sister, this performance boat is available in a cruising or performance package. The performance package has a bigger rig to give you the edge in lighter winds. In any case, these are semi-custom boats that are available in a 3 owner’s cabin layout or a 4 cabin layout.

Photos credit: Kinetic Catamarans

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This luxury yacht company is based in the US, and their vessels are designed by Simonis Voogd and built in their yard in Knysna, South Africa.

Forward Helm with Aft Helm Option

As well as a forward helm position, these boats come with an option to have twin aft helms or tillers for those of you who want to sail with the wind in your hair. I love the look of this combo. To have the option of 3 helm positions covers all of your options and gives you great redundancy should the forward helm fail. No more helm position debates! This is the kind of flexibility that we have seen on boats like the Garcia Explocat 52 and it’s not that common.

kinetic kc54 forward helmPhoto Credit: Kinetic Catamarans. Looking forward to the helm.

There is also be an option to go for daggerboards or centreboards.

The KC54 has been designed by Simonis Voogd Yacht Design and is an all carbon construction with a forward interior helm station and 2 exterior aft helms. You can choose between twin aft helms or tillers. I’d go for the twin aft helms. I can only think of the C-Catamarans 48 design that gives you the best of both worlds like this.

Other options include:

  • Fixed or rotating mast.
  • Performance or cruising rig
  • Daggerboards, C-Boards or Centreboards
  • In-boom furling option
  • Lightweight boom option in the performance package.
  • Modular furniture option for those of you who will be racing the boat.

The mast and the main sheet traveller are mounted on the coach roof which gives you 360 degree views from inside the saloon.

There are some other neat features, like the bridge deck transom aft which lowers to become a swim platform in between the sugar scoops. With a sun shade over the forward cockpit at anchor, and with the  forward door open, you can create an additional space for that indoor/outdoor feel.

And with the door open at anchor, the breeze blows through the whole boat.

The KC54 has got the kind of finish that you would expect on a luxury catamaran such as the Privilege Signature 580. It’s a cut above the rest.

Under Power

The KC54 is powered by twin Yanmar 4JH80 engines with SD80 sail drives and 3 blade Gori props with overdrive.

The furniture is foam cored to reduce weight and the porcelain ceramic countertops are milled thin and carbon backed. The whole yacht has had the weight police crawling all over it.


The KC54 is Kinetic’s second model and this boat already has a full order book. With their no-compromise approach to quality, this is proving a popular package, but the 7 figure price reflects that .

Technical Specification

Length OA

16.5m / 54.2 ft

Length WL

16.3 m / 53.5 ft


8.5 m / 27.7 ft

Draft Bds Up (Std)

1.52 m / 5 ft

Draft Bds Up (Racing)

1.7 m / 5.6 ft

Draft Bds Down (cbrds)

3.15 m / 10.3 ft

Draft Bds Down (dbrds)

3.2 m / 10.5 ft

Disp. (Light)

14,850 kg / 32,740 lbs



Displ. (Max)

19,500 Kg / 42,990 lbs


1000 L / 264 US gal


1000 L / 264 US gal

Mainsail (Std)

94 sqm / 1012 sq ft

Solent (Std)

55 sq m / 592 sq ft

SA/D (Std)


Storm Staysail

25 sq m / 269 sq ft

Code 0 (Std)

123 sq m / 1324 sq ft

Spin. A2 (Std)

208 sq m / 2239 sq ft

Spin. A3 (Std)

180 sq m / 1938 sq m

Mainsail (racing)

102 sq m / 1102 sq ft

Solent (Racing)

60 sq m / 643 sq ft

SA/D (Racing)


Frac. Code 0 (Race)

127 sq m / 1367 sq ft

Masthead Code 0

167 sq m / 1798 sq ft

Spin. A2 (Racing)

250 sq m / 2691 sq ft

Spin. A3

225 sq m / 2422 sq ft


2x 80 HP