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Cannes 2019

The Cannes Yachting Festival is coming up fast and this year there is going to be a whole area dedicated to sailing boats, including catamarans of course.

I am going to be there looking at the boats on Friday and Saturday, but one of the problems I have is time. Which catamarans do I see and which do I skip?

Gunboat 68

The Gunboat 68 is going to be the star of the sailing area, so this boat is a no brainer. Gunboat 68-02 will be at the show, otherwise known as Dash. The #1 hull, Condor, is Stateside. I’m looking forward to seeing this beast!

Sunreef 50

The new 50 footer from the Polish yard looks like a real stunner. I don’t think I’d ever be in the market for a luxury yacht like this, but that won’t stop me ogling at it. I want to check out the interiors on this catamaran. The hybrid 60 will also be there.

Outremer 4X

On the other hand… with the Outremer 4X, I’d certainly have this on my shopping list. This is the sporty version of the 45 made famous by Riley, Elena and Lenny on La Vagabonde.

Check out the Sail Puffin blog if you like these boats. They had one delivered in August 2019.

Fountaine Pajot 45

This new boat from FP makes her debut at the show. Definitely worth a look. Maye they’ll give her a name?

Nautitech 46

This is not a new boat, but a refresh of the interiors which look stunning from the pictures. I am a big fan of the 40, so I am keen to see the 46 Open Mark II.

Balance 526

This performance cat is a personal favourite, and I haven’t had the chance to take a close look at her. I want to see that Versahelm close up. Next door is the Slyder 49, another nice performance cat.

Excess Catamarans

The Lagoon group are launching their new performance brand, Excess here. I have to say, I am a big underwhelmed with the overall concept, they don’t seem that different to the Lagoons except for the helm position. Maybe I’m wrong, and I’m missing something. We’ll see at the show.

Catana 53

I like the look of the 53. I’ve been on one in Port Ginesta near Barcelona (thanks to Pedro from the Catamaran Centre). I want to take a second look.

Lagoon 77

What can I say? I have to take a look at that master stateroom with the diving platform / terrace that extends out from the hull.

Privilege 5 Series

Another luxury cat! Well, it is Cannes I suppose. I want to check out the interiors and in particular the signature master stateroom in the nacelle up front.

What do you think? Am I missing anything? Let me know. The list of the boats is at