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2022/1 Catamarans Awards Summary

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It’s that time of the year again: the Awards Season where sailing publications around the globe publish their thoughts on the best new boats. We’re not quite there yet, as not all of the winners have been announced. But let’s take a look at the winners so far, and the contenders for the remaining prizes.

The market for catamarans continues to grow, and multihulls are increasing their share of the awards in line with the overall market.


It can be tricky to keep track of all of the nominations and awards, so we have compiled a summary to see which designs are coming out on top in the sailing category. We have also included the 2021 British Yachting Awards as they announced their winners at the end of 2021, part of the awards season.

Below are the sailing catamarans over 40 feet that are competing for the awards with number of entries (in brackets).

In terms of number of appearances, the Balance 482, Lagoon 55, Neel 43 and Windelo 55 top the list with 3 entries each, followed by the Kinetic KC54, Leopard 42 and Outremer 55 with 2 entries each.

3 Entries
Balance 482 (3)
Lagoon 55 (3)
Neel 43 (3)
Windelo 50 (3)

2 Entries
Kinetic KC54 (2)
Leopard 42 (2)
Outremer 55 (2)

1 Entry
Bali 4.2 (1)
HH OC50 (1)
Independent IC36 (1)
Majestic 570 Fly (1)
Outremer 4 Zero (1)
Ocean Explorer 72 (1)
Privilege Signature 580 (1)
Rapido 50 (1)
Seawind 1370 (1)
Wave 50 (1)

European Yacht of the Year 2022

The European Yacht of the Year was started by German sail magazine YACHT in 2004, and has expanded to total 12 European yachting magazines from all over Europe who test and judge the boats. Many of the trials were done in our home base: Port Ginesta this year. You’ll find all of the nominated catamarans below:

Bluewater Cruiser
Outremer 55
Windelo 50

Windelo 50

Family Cruiser
Neel 43

Neel 43

Luxury Cruiser
Lagoon 55

Lagoon 55

Performance Cruiser
IC36 Independent Catamaran

Independent IC36

Multihull of the Year 2022

Industry awards launched by Multihulls World Magazine and Multicoques Mag, in 2017. Different models have been selected by jury in various categories, and the winners will be decided by votes from their readers.

Under 40 Feet
Tricat 6.90
Libertist 703
Marlin 33

40-50 Feet
Bali 4.2
Neel 43
Leopard 42
Seawind 1370

Seawind 1370

45-55 Feet
Balance 482
Rapido 50
Wave 50
Windelo 50

Wave 50

Over 55 Feet
Lagoon 55
Outremer 55
Majestic 570 Fly
Privilege Signature 580
Ocean Explorer 72

Outremer 55

Sailing World Boat of the Year 2022

Winners selected by Sailing World’s team of judges. Sailing World is based in Middletown, Rhode Island in the US, 4 hours drive from New York.

Best Multihull
Balance 482

Balance 482

Cruising World Boat of the Year 2022

Cruising World is based in Orlando, Florida, in the US. The winners in the following categories were selected by Cruising World Judges.

Best Cruising Catamaran Under 50′
Leopard 42

Best Cruising Catamran (Over 50′)
Xquisite X5

Best Performance Catamaran
Balance 482

Special Judges Award
Kinetic KC 54

Leopard 42

British Yachting Awards Multihull of the Year 2021

These awards are organised by UK magazines: “Sailing Today” with “Yachts and Yachting” magazine. The winners are chosen by their readers.

Lagoon 55

Runner Up
Outremer 4 Zero

Windelo 50 Adventure
Neel 43

Outremer 4 Zero


The smart money this year is on Balance 482, Lagoon 55, Neel 43 and Windelo 50 to scoop the most awards. Let’s see how the European Yacht of the Year (Jan 22) and the Multihull of the Year (Apr 22) plays out.