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Webcam – Club Marítimo Castelldefels

Here’s what is happening with the wind in our local windsurfing & kitesurfing spot In Castelldefels.
A purely selfish post, this one!



Rigging Up

Heading Out

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Windsurf Sail Size Chart

We have recently got back into windsurfing. The gear has changed! What’s the right windsurf sail size for the wind strength these days?

The Windsurf Sail Size Chart

The main variable when choosing a sail for windsurfing is its size. There are all sorts of types of sail of course, but this post just deals with the size aspect.

Head out with the wrong sized sail, and you lose control, or you won’t go anywhere.

Choosing the right sail for windsurfing comes down to:

Skill level
The better you are, the larger sail you will manage.

Average wind speed
The stronger the wind, the smaller sail you are going to need.

Your Weight
The heavier you are, the larger the sail you will manage before becoming overpowered.