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Reefing a Nautitech 40 Open

Note to self……

In general….reef to the gusts.

  • When you are seeing true wind speeds of 18 knots put in the first reef
  • When the wind gets to 22 knots it is time for reef number 2. Then manage by reducing the solent up to 60% up to 28 to 30 knots TWS.
  • When the wind is hits 28 to 30 knots TWS put in the third reef
  • When the true wind speed is 30 Knots and gusting, it is time to furl the jib away and sail with a fully reefed mainsail only

In very windy conditions the fully reefed main can be set to luff and spill wind (going upwind) or sheeted in going down wind which will allow you to sail in very strong winds without damaging the rig or sails. Or get the mainsail down and run before the wind bare poles, trailing a drogue.

In a Squall / Gust

If you spot a nasty squall coming, prepare early. Furl the jib in and head onto a beam reach.
Spill the wind by luffing the main and keep it on a beam reach through the squall. Unfurl the headsail, once the squall has gone through.