Erik Lerouge

Erik Lerouge is a well know naval architect who is behind such multihull designs as the Lady Hawke 33, the Freydis 430, the Barramundi 470 and the Brazapi 51.

His elegant designs are fast through the water, quick to get going and have low windage compared to many modern designs.

barramundi 470
Barramundi 470

Erik began his sailing career in a Tornado in 1970 and then bought an Iroquois with his father. He started designing multihulls in 1976, including the Pulsar 26,  a successful racing and cruising trimaran.

Many Erik Lerouge catamarans have rotating masts. If you spot a catamaran with a fast, sleek design and a curved cross-beam, the chances are that it is a Lerouge cat.

Examples of Erik Lerouge Catamarans

A family cruiser.
Later models has longer stern to accommodate twin diesels.

The first Brazapi 40, Carpediem, went around Cape-Horn.
The second Brazapi 40 was named Jolly Jumper III.
Also the Brazapi 51

Built by Tournier Marine. Eg the Freydis 46, 49.

freydis 46
Freydis 46

Also by Tournier Marine. eg the Soubis 56, Soubis 70.

Ambercat 210

ambercat 210

Also know as the Windbliss 210. Shown above is Albina, built at the Enmar Shipyard, Latvia. Construction: Sandwich from female molds (Vinylester/Foam/Glass/PU Foam). LOA: 20.99m, Beam: 10.505m, Draft: 1.56m

Built in Sri Lanka, eg the Barramundi 470

barramundi 470
Photo: Frank HILLEN

Built in 50, 55 and 60′, with custom layouts.

Petter 50 catamaran
Petter 50

O-Yachts Class 4
Built in Latvia by Dan Levy and his team

Vik Catamrans

Sizes include 92, 99, 100, 101, 124, 137, 140, 150, 152, 170, 180

vik 124 catamaran lerouge

Shown is a Vik 124. Lerouge’s range of fast cruising catamarans.

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