Tula’s Endless Summer

Tula's Endless Summer YouTube

This is one of our favourite YouTube catamaran channels. It's professionally done and, well, these guys just seem like great people.

They helped us out with a review on their Crowther Spindrift 40 previously and now they are sailing around on a great looking Seawind 1170 with their dog Jetty.

Tula's Endless Summer is Billy, Sierra, and Jetty and they have sailed up and down the East coast of the U.S., all of the Bahamas, through the Caribbean, and the Pacific Northwest from California to Canada!

They started out on a small monohull (Tula) and since have also lived on a 34' Marina Trader trawler (Neverland), a 40' Crowther Spindrift Catamaran (Adrenaline) and a 43' DeFever Trawler (Mountain Myst).

All the boats prior to the Seawind were serious projects, so there is some good "fixing-up" content on this channel as well. 


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