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Sailing La Vagabonde YouTube

Sailing La Vagabonde are Riley and Elayna and their two boys, an Australian family documenting their journey around the world by sail. Their website says "despite no previous sailing experience". Well they have plenty of that now!

They have two boys in tow: Lenny and Darwin.

This couple have been filming their adventures  on YouTube since 2014, first on a mono, then on an Outremer 45 and lately on a Rapido 60 trimaran. Watch from the start to experience lightning storms, pirate scares, financial problems, kit failures, water shortages, and everything in between.

These two sailing entrepreneurs have branched out into a whole load of stuff such as swimwear (Vagabella Swim), chartering (Vagabonde Adventures) and apps (Sea People). Good for them!

sailing la vagabonde youtubePhoto credit: Sailing La Vagabonde


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